Mr. Bruinsma has maintained a litigation practice since 1978. Dozens of trials have been tried to conclusion in federal and state courts. Litigation matters have been handled in federal and state courts from Los Angeles to Baltimore, and from Seattle to Arizona.

Employment litigation is Mr. Bruinsma's major area of concentration. He has primarily represented plainitff employees. Mr. Bruinsma has been involved in a wide range of employment litigation claims, including age, race, sex and pregnancy discrimination claims; employment contract claims; wage and hour claims; retaliation claims, and class action claims. He has extensive trial experience in employment matters, having conducted his first employment related jury trial in the United States District Court for the Western District of Michigan in 1979.

Mr. Bruinsma has also represented clients' interests in the following types of claims:

- Personal Injury litigation, including professional malpractice claims, product liability claims, auto claims and construction injury claims.

- Construction litigation, including contract claims, construction defect claims and public work claims.

- Business litigation, including real estate claims, broker liability claims, warranty claims and payment claims and defenses.

Mr. Bruinsma has handled appeals in both federal and state appellate courts.

Based on personal experience, Mr. Bruinsma understands that a case won at trial may be lost on appeal, and a case lost at trial may be reversed on appeal and subsequently won on retrial. These experiences contribute in a very significant way to understanding both the positions of the parties, and the costs and risks associated with those positions.

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